About Peer Rope Stockholm

Peer Rope Stockholm arranges open meetings according to the peer-to-peer - to learn from each other. We use our meetings to hang out with ropes – either to tie and/or become tied by each other and to each other or to learn from each other.

We are all volunteers who use our free time to do what we like to do.

The people that join Peer Rope Stockholm meetings help to the extent we can and to the extent necessary. You teach the less experienced people. You do it with respect and without pushing anyone.

We create our site together. It will be just as good as we make it.

Time and space are limited resource. Let us use the time we have together so that everyone gets the most out of the ropes.

Meetings with Peer Rope Stockholm is an opportunity for more people to find a place where they can network and learn more. We hope that more people can get to know new people with the same interest and broaden their knowledge and get inspired.

Questions regarding Peer Rope Stockholm sends you most easily via our "contact us" form.


About Peer Rope internationally

Peer Rope Stockholm is part of a global concept and networks in which we learn from each other without actually teachers. The term comes from "From peer to peer".

Local Peer Rope groupes exist in Göteborg, Malmö and London.

Within Peer Rope everyones knowledge as important, everyone help out and take their share of responsibility to create a safe and secure place where everyone can develop with respect to each other.

Peer Rope is a non-commercial organisation.